Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion

For my first 'official' blog post I thought that I would review Palmer's gradual tanner. Spring has literally just begun in Australia and everyone is starting to strip off the layers of their winter closet and bare their arms and legs to the world. When it comes to my skin tone, I am so pale I'm almost reflective in sunlight - especially my legs. With this in mind I generally prefer to add a little colour to my skin with the use of a gradual tanner.

I prefer gradual tanners to instant tanners as I just like to give my skin a natural glow rather than drastically altering the colour of my skin completely. I feel like I have more control over how dark I become with gradual tanners as I can decide how many layers of the lotion I apply as well as how often I choose to apply it. 

In the past I have found tanners to be hit and miss, especially when it comes to streaking and the smell. I have found that Palmer's gradual tanner works pretty well and gives the effects that I desire. In terms of the smell that the tanner gives off, I have found that when I first apply it that I am left with a sickly sweet chocolatey smell (which my boyfriend luckily likes) that can be quite overpowering. This smell does seem to disappear after showering which is lucky as I don't know that I could handle it for long periods of time. 

The lotion is white and has no indicator colour which can make application a little difficult as I found that once the tan had developed that I had actually missed a small patch on my wrist. Once applied, the lotion did not stay wet for very long. When applying this lotion I generally wait about 5 minutes before I feel that it is OK to get dressed. I do not own a tanning mit and I am aware that using one to apply fake tan ensures an even application. Although I should try and access a mit, I have found that using my hands with Palmer's gradual tan did not create streaks and applied evenly - except for the small missed patch..

Overall I give Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion a score of 8 out of 10. Taking away points for the lack of indicator colour and it's overpowering smell. Although I would like to try other fake tanners - maybe even giving some instant ones a go, I would repurchase this one again and would recommend this to anyone.

You can purchase Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion from Priceline for $8.99.

What's your favourite fake tanner?

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